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Barber UV Aftershave Spray Gun

Barber UV Aftershave Spray Gun

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* Every barber's must-need! Quickly Disinfect and/or soothe your client's skin after a haircut while adding a luxurious finishing experience for your customers ! 

*Continuous Mist with just a push of a button.  

* Not 6 but EIGHT (8) Blue powerful LED Antibacterial lights to assist in Sterilization

* 1 Hour Total Run-time on a full charge (includes USB cable)

*Anti-Blocking Nozzle: This atomizer sprayer adopts an upgraded high-pressure water pump to prevent the outlet pipe from being blocked.

Portable & rechargeable design: Compared with wired ultra-low voltage atomizers, this handheld wireless sprayer gets rid of the shackles of wires, and you can use it wherever disinfection is needed.

Use liquid of choice. After shave, alcohol, Water and/or astringent for Best Results.  

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